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Famous Painting Styles of The World – Eastern & Western

Artists' depictions of scenes in art have changed over time. Over time, two main types of art have emerged: the Eastern and the Western styles of art. Exploring different painting techniques in greater depth is a fascinating topic that will provide us with insight into the diverse expressions of art found all around the world.

Let's start with the Eastern art style.

The Eastern art style

Many cultures all around the world have affected the Eastern style of art, some of which have had a considerable impact. Let's have a look at the various art forms that have arisen from various nations and traditions around the world.

1. The Indian Style

As a country with a diverse culture, the art produced here is diverse, ranging from Mughal miniature paintings to Tanjore paintings in the classical style.

a) Madhubani Style

Women in Bihar's Mithila region traditionally developed the Madhubani style of art. The ancient tradition of wall paintings known as Bhitti-Chitra was crucial in the development of Madhubani art.

b) Rajput Paintings

The Rajput kingdoms' courts had their particular painting style. The themes of romance, devotion, heroism, and courtly life were prevalent in these Rajput paintings.

c) Tanjore Paintings

Tanjore paintings are regarded as the most important from South India due to their use of vibrant colors and meticulous attention to detail.

d) Mughal Miniature Paintings

The lives of the Mughal rulers and princes were frequently represented in miniature paintings. The artists were intent on capturing beauty in all of its glory.

2. Japanese style

The Japanese technique of creating a painting entirely out of black ink is incredible! The Japanese painting style is influenced by Chinese, Western, and Eastern art.

3. Chinese Style

Chinese calligraphy was utilized as a part of the Chinese style of art, which is one of the earliest types of artistic tradition. Colored ink was used by Chinese artists to paint on paper and silk. They never painted with oil paint.

The Western art style

Painting in the Western-style is becoming increasingly popular these days. Abstract painting, modernism, impressionism, and lesser-known genres of art like surrealism and photorealism are all examples of Western art.

1. Abstract Art

Abstract art can be defined as an artistic representation of reality that is depicted but not in its actual form. It is a true manifestation of radical philosophy.

2. Impressionism

In the late 1800s, Paris was the birthplace of this art genre. Impressionism's characteristics include the utilization of everyday things, delicate brush strokes, and unique angles.

3. Modernism

In the field of art, modernism refers to work created between the years 1860 and 1970. It is a revolutionary way of thinking for today's artists, with no limitations imposed by the traditional method to limit their creative expression.

4. Expressionism

The abstract art style takes various forms, one of which is 'expressionism.' The artist's point of view depicts the outpouring of human emotions.

5. Surrealism

Surrealism was a movement that began in France in the twentieth century. By juxtaposing irrational imagery, this art form aimed to liberate the mind's creative potential. Surrealism is a cultural trend that involves both visual art and text!

6. Cubism

"Everything in nature draws its form from the cylinder, the cone, or the sphere," remarked Paul Cezanne, a prominent artist. Surprisingly, this later became the foundation of 'cubism.' Geometrical shapes are an important aspect of this style, which is another representation of abstract art.

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